The DEL Method

With this method, you will learn to master the English language in a faster and easier way. The DEL method is created based on research on neuroplasticity and on studies of how our brains learn a second language.

By following this method, you will learn all the rules that will help you to use the English language in a correct and precise manner, without making mistakes. It will help you to achieve the level that you need to be able to pass official English exams with ease.

With a special emphasis on oral exercises, through repetition, you will easily learn to communicate in English using fluent vocabulary and correct grammar in any global situation that you might find. You will master the language in a short time and quickly learn to make use of your English knowledge in any way you desire.

The DEL Method will open doors for you, in both academic and professional areas. Achieve all your goals, demonstrating your knowledge in English, with the DEL Method.

The original date of publication January 2021.
Author: Nuria Foreman.

Frequently asked questions

All the activities proposed in each unit are based on the study of techniques that the brain needs to be able to easily acquire a second language. Cognitive neuroscience is the base for the creation of the activities and strategies produced in the DEL Method.

Neuroplasticity is one of the most important aspects of language teaching because it permits the understanding of flexibility in brain activity that happens in the communication between neurones and external stimulants. The studies on neuroplasticity carried out by the author have lead to the creation of a series of cognitive exercises that enhance the function of the brain and the acquisition of English as a second language. The DEL Method offers you the possibility of obtaining excellent results in the learning process of English as a second language.

Each unit of the DEL Method works on the four linguistic skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. You will find vital aspects in grammar and in vocabulary. Each subject concentrates on a grammatical aspect that is perfectly explained and will help you understand how to use the language correctly. It is essential for students to have the ability to augment their English vocabulary in a systematic way and for this reason, vocabulary plays an important part in each unit. The exercises have been designed to motivate students to think about the use of common vocabulary and to understand each and all of their different meanings.

One of the many advantages that the DEL Method offers is the possibility of listening to all the texts and exercises. The great difference that exists between the written and spoken word in English means it is very difficult for a Spanish student to learn the language. For this reason, the DEL Method accelerates the learning process.

The conversation exercises encourage students to use the language fluently as during these exercises, the student has to speak about subjects, relating to familiar surroundings and life experiences. The DEL Method takes into account that neuronal plasticity is different in each individual and the oral activities are created as techniques to reinforce synaptic communication and to maintain cerebral activity.

Otra de las estrategias utilizadas en el Método DEL es el uso de dictados. Con esta herramienta se trabaja el lenguaje desde un enfoque comunicativo practicando las habilidades lingüísticas, siendo una actividad especialmente útil para retener el aspecto de las palabras, incluyendo sus dificultades ortográficas con un grado de atención máxima, fomentando el aprendizaje cooperativo y la cohesión de grupo. Además de aprender a redactar composiciones, ensayos, informes, emails, una manera guiada para que puedas demostrar con garantías de éxito un buen nivel de inglés en cualquier entorno social o académico.

The DEL Method is divided into five levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 following the Common European Reference. Each level consists of a text book and an exercise book.

No, the DEL Method is modern and totally digitalised. This advantage permits you to use it on your mobile phone, on your tablet or any other device, making it much easier to use in any situation in day to day life. You can also listen to exercises while simultaneously reading them.

¿Qué opinan del Método DEL?

“The DEL Method is an innovative English learning method that, without letting grammar aside, encourages learners to speak and use the English language from the very beginning, no matter their level or native language. In fact, it is this focus on the spoken language that makes it unique, for each exercise compels students to correct their answers based on audio that then they will have to repeat out loud by imitating not only the pronunciation of the words but the intonation of the sentences, a matter often forgotten in EFL learning. Besides, the practice of speaking skills is boosted by the constant cooperation among students to solve the exercises together in class.

Another highlight of the method is that it incentives learners to understand the language based on its use rather than its translation into their own languages, except for the beginner levels. Also, each unit incorporates in the workbook similar activities to what one could find in official English exams such as Cambridge. Accordingly, all units comprise vocabulary, listening, speaking, reading, and grammar exercises, making The DEL Method a very well-rounded and suitable system for all kinds of English learners.”

Ann Gradolph. English Teacher

“As a teacher, the DEL method allows for a dynamic and straightforward way of teaching English. The online platform is great for both the students and teachers because it allows for an integrated learning experience. This is my first time working with the DEL method and I find it to be very effective and straightforward. I have noticed a significant improvement in my students understanding and use of the target language, and it also allows me as their instructor to be flexible and meet their needs.

I believe that the DEL method is a very comprehensive and effective way to acquire a language with a solid base in reading, writing, speaking and speaking. Also as a native English speaker, I have learned some new things along the way.”

Max Maclimans. English Teacher

“The DEL METHOD is dedicated to their student’s success and improvement in language acquisition. The method focuses on various speaking and listening comprehension activities, grammar lessons, and writing activities, allowing students to become well-rounded English speakers.

So, if you want to improve different aspects of your English skills or take the Cambridge Exams, the DEL METHOD is the method for you! It will help inform and strengthen your English skills using real-life topics, enabling you to practice speaking, listening, and reading relevant and practical information you could use in conversations every day!”

Casey Braga. English Teacher

“The DEL Method, or the Definite English Learning Method is a fantastic way for teaching students who want to learn useful English quickly. The method focuses primarily on repetition inside the classroom and reinforcing practice outside the classroom. While most traditional ways of learning English rely on repetition to some extent, the DEL Method puts a strong emphasis on mindful repetition over rote repetition. Rote repetition has its uses in building language foundations, such as grammar or phonics, but also has its limitations in regards to more advanced learning as it lacks engagement. Students need to be engaged and present while practicing a language through repetition. Not being present to what one is learning is clearly not going to help students to be effective learners.

Most people accept that this kind of mindless echoing is not going to be anywhere as effective as mindful repetition, repetition where you are fully focussed on a number of elements within that practice. When you are actively engaged in mindful repetition and are attentive to your practice, you can more readily get to a point where you are satisfied with the results you have achieved. This kind of mindful engaged practice is what we aim towards in order to maximize our chances of learning the target language. Because of its emphasis on mindful repetition, coupled with useful practice at home, the DEL Method has shown itself to be an effective technique for learning English quickly and expertly.”


Carl Robertson. English Teacher

“The Del Method is one of the best methods that I have ever seen as a teacher, and thinking of how I was a student once. It is not only very complete but also has lots of interesting topics for listening and reading. It is up-to-date with topics, and the speaking parts are really good since they do not contain the typical questions that other books have. You can learn English and interesting facts about different things, from famous people’s biographies to articles about how to live a healthy and successful life.

Another of the advantages of this Method is that is online, so it is not contributing to pollution, making the books more accessible, from your tablet, phone, or computer. It is a method that helps students talk more, making it easier for them to learn, and have more real conversations. With the answers to every exercise, for me, as a teacher, makes a huge difference. The students learn the right pronunciation and are able to check it easier. I really like that it has a different book for every level from A1 to C1 and that the volume of exercises is almost the same, having the same number of pages on the workbook or student book for all levels, so as a teacher, it is easier to check the differences of rhythm between one level and other.”

Eva Villalba. Bachelor Degree in English Studies

“The DEL Method is designed based on cognitive neuroscience research, which means that it is designed to employ teaching techniques that optimize the acquisition of a second language. This is highly valuable for students as it makes the learning process more efficient and effective. Secondly, it covers all four language skills and it includes current and interesting topics, which can help students stay engaged and motivated throughout their language learning journey. The exercises also help student practise and perfect their language skills, even outside the classroom.

Finally, it provides clear and concise explanations of English grammar rules, which are highly useful for students seeking to improve their language proficiency.”

Agustina Ares. Bachelor Degree in English Studies

“As a teacher of the English language, I had the opportunity to use an innovative method that I found particularly interesting and practical. The DEL method combines the four skills necessary to learn English, however, it does so from a communicative perspective, that is to say, the aim is for students to learn English by communicating with each other. First of all, I think this approach is not implemented by many academies or schools and achieves satisfactory results. The DEL method does. Teachers get quick results. Moreover, I believe that the students are satisfied with the results and the way it is carried out, as they find it an interesting learning experience.

From my point of view, I think the method is enriching for the pupils and teachers, as the lessons are not one-way and monotonous.

All in all, it is a method that I would definitely recommend, especially for those who have problems with speaking skills”.

Esther García. Bachelor Degree in English Studies

“The DEL METHOD is designed for all levels. From my point of view, it has a clearly identified set of achievement objectives which include what the learners are expected to be able to do and what to expect next. It contains carefully planned and balanced selections of language content that can be easily followed by teachers and students.

When the teachers are teaching each unit in the course books, there is consistency in the topics and genres in the four skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing). It also allows great autonomy in the learning process. In addition, many teachers can find THE DEL METHOD useful and practical because the complete activities and lessons are easy for them to prepare. It also has tasks in each unit of study that help students prepare for official exams.

To conclude, all of these reasons make using THE DEL METHOD the right choice in the English learning process.”

Brenda Troncoso. English Teacher

“The DEL method emphasizes the importance of communication and interaction between students and the teacher. The teacher’s role is to facilitate language learning through meaningful tasks and activities that require students to use English in real-life situations. The focus is on developing students’s; ability to use the language for a range of communicative purposes, such as giving and receiving information, expressing opinions, and discussing numerous topics.

Another advantage of the DEL method is that it encourages students to use English in a purposeful, fluent, and natural way. It provides opportunities for students to work collaboratively, which helps to build their confidence and develop their social and communication skills. The DEL method is designed to make students develop and improve their speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills.”

Marena Lorenz. English Teacher

“The DEL Method is an innovative digital English learning program that is designed to help students learn the language quickly and effectively. The program is divided into five levels, ranging from A1 to C1, following the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Each unit is designed based on cognitive neuroscience research, making it optimized for the brain's natural learning process.

One of the strengths of the DEL Method is its focus on developing all four language skills, including reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The program also places a strong emphasis on vocabulary building, which is essential for English language learners. The program includes a variety of engaging exercises and activities, designed to help students stay motivated and interested in learning. With clear explanations of English grammar rules, students can quickly understand and apply new concepts. Overall, the DEL Method is an excellent resource for students seeking to improve their English language skills, as well as for teachers looking for effective teaching methods based on the latest scientific research.”

Carlota Mariné. Bachelor Degree in English Studies

“The DEL Method (Definite English Learning Method) is a novel and efficient method in which you can learn English more efficiently and faster and also prepare for your official exams. It is based on research about neuroplasticity, studying the techniques that the brain requires for acquiring a second language. The method of teaching deals with communication and conversation. Moreover, it is divided into five levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1. Each one of the levels has its own book and materials about the four language skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

When using this method there are plenty of advantages in comparison with other methods. Regarding the advantages, you would learn grammar and vocabulary in a systematic way, as the exercises are designed in a way in which students can learn and understand the different meanings of the words. It is a communicative approach, and not like the traditional ones. This is a great advantage because you develop the speaking skill, which is the hardest and also the most important one when you are learning how to speak a new language. Another advantage would be that you can listen to the exercises as well as the texts, so you can learn the pronunciation of the words at the same time that you learn their spelling.

Moreover, in order to motivate the student, the topics and the materials are current issues. This encourages the learners because there are things that they are familiar with. Finally, another advantage would be that the writing exercises are guided with tips and techniques to facilitate the task, and you can also practice with specific exercises in order to practice the four language skills as well as the spelling”.

Claudia Fernández. Bachelor Degree in English Studies

“The advantages of studying the DEL Method are many, I’ve been studying this method for 5 months, and what I’m going to say is that my vocabulary is better. My English skills have improved. I´m able now to understand English better thanks to the constant listening tasks I’ve had. Besides, I realize how important is to include connectors in a writing activity due to a better understanding of the person who is reading my text. On the other hand, talking about different topics in class has been beneficial for me, because they include everything, I need to prepare for a C1 exam”.

Valery Quevedo. Student of Marketing

“One advantage of this method is that in the book you can find different grammar that is very useful for the different types of exams, and you can practice with the exercises. Another advantage is that in the book, you can find different skills (writing, reading…) that you need to practice for your exam, and you can correct yourself with the audio.”

Claudia Rubio. Primary School Teacher

“It is a very complete book that includes grammar, vocabulary, listening, and speaking, essential for all English learners. It has many exercises and a workbook in which students can practice what they learned.

The grammar explanation is also good and easy to understand. A good point is that all the units have a clear topic to discuss”.

Aiewen Zohu. Engineer

“It is a good method to learn different language skills, combining grammar, reading, speaking, and vocabulary that we could use in our daily life. It allows the students to practice the theory with many exercises and to have conversations about each topic.”

Eva Santander. B2C Product Developer at Endesa Energía

“An advantage the Del Method has is that it has different types of exercise to practice for our future exams, which also includes a previous theory that can help us complete the exercises.

Another advantage is that it also includes listening exercises that help us improve the listening part, which is also an important part of the Cambridge test. listening que nos ayudan a mejorar la parte listening, que también es una parte importante del test de Cambridge.

The different topics/ units the book has, provide us with more knowledge of things we are not used to studying!”

Mario Torre. Veterinary student

“From my point of view, this book is very good to study English because it explains the grammar in detail and has several exercises to put the theory into practice having it on a web page is very useful since you can access it wherever and whenever you want.

I also like the distribution of having the textbook separated from the exercise book so everything is more organized”.

Miguel Apilamez. Student of 3D and 2D animation

“One of the main advantages of The Del Method is the variety of activities that you can find in the book to improve your English. If you want to practice speaking you will find different exercises to do, reading, writing, and listening activities too.

What´s more, each unit tackles a different English grammar and at the end of The Del Method, you will have covered all the grammar you have to know.”

Laura Presa. Student of Law

“Firstly the DEL Method consists in an easy way to learn English, you can read at the same time you hear a text and this can help you to know the intonation of the words at the same time, and repeating the different exercises out loud helps to improve the speaking. On the other hand, you practice grammar, and vocabulary like you do in a “typical English class”.

At the same time, this method can help the student better than conventional methods because it is more interactive as you can discuss with your classmate, for example, why you think that and this type of thing. In addition, it is more practical too, this is due to the mix between book exercises and the speaking part while you do them·”

Aroa Gutiérrez. Sanitary professional training student

“The DEL method is a method that encourages you to learn a new language in a motivated way. This is possible because it comprises all the important skills that you have to have if you want to become an English speaker. On the one hand, this way of learning provides the student a total view of the language because it incentives you to speak and gain confidence in the process of having better pronunciation and speaking skills, something that in some places is less important than other knowledge. With the audiobook, you will go deep into the language and be aware of your progress, something really positive if you want to be motivated and continue with your study.

On the other hand, the DEL method incorporates grammar, vocabulary, and use of English in a specific way, analyzing in more detail the needs that every student has. Combining both aspects is productive and efficient for the students because it combines all the skills that every speaker has to have. Also, it promotes conversation between each other. With this method is easier to have an open mind about the language and learn in a different and motivated way, something really important in a challenge like learning a different language”.

Laura Berzal. Primary Education and Humanities student

“In my opinion, I think that this method is good for me. All classes have exercises in vocabulary, reading, and listening… that can help to work the necessary skills for learning English. Besides, this method helps to work in a group, in my case it is difficult, but this allows you to lose the fear to speak English.
Another thing that I think is that the classes are dynamic, where we talk a lot of time and we are a few people. This permits you to participate and talk, you make mistakes and you can improve. Finally, I have to say that with this method you improve a lot in intonation, pronunciation, your vocabulary and you can prepare for your English exams.

I recommend this method because I think that I am good with it and it permits me to learn more”.

Javier Álvarez. Primary school teacher

“The DEL method used in these classes is known for being such a perfect way to learn. Over the years, people have used different methods to teach English, yet this particular one has proven to be the most effective way to learn. Not only it includes typical information like grammar and reading but also encourages teamwork and improvement.
As a matter of fact, working in pairs has helped me to contrast my knowledge with other people and be able to understand others’ points of view. In addition, repeating the correct answers out loud has made me aware of my mistakes.

In conclusion, I would say that this method has helped me to increase my English level fast”.

María Fernández Sousa. Psychology student

“Learning to be able to combine flexibility with concrete knowledge and being able to use a second language is achieved with hybrid learning. With the DEL METHOD we repeat and understand and comprehend our mistakes, allowing us to develop English as academically and specifically as possible. The way we use it, in this case, is to combine innovative means with simple tips to make learning easier and allow us to focus on our failures”.

Carlos Casamian. Business Administration Expert

“THE DEL METHOD is an effective method based on the basis of learning through repetition rather than focusing on pronunciation or learning grammar hard, which can be counterproductive to favourable learning. The system aims at offering the possibility to learn languages with innovative practices with contents that have meaningful usage outside. In conclusion, it’s a dynamic way that stimulates our brains according to neuroscience and promotes fast and motivated learning.”

Sara Tapia. Business and International Relations Expert

“Learning English from scratch could be perceived as a daunting task for non-native speakers these days. Nevertheless, the DEL Method -Definite English Learning Method- seems to point to the way to solve this issue by improving your skills when learning a second language comes to the fore.

The DEL Method is the most adequate method to use when considering learning English as a second language due to its innovative methodology. First and foremost, this method has a strong focus on pronunciation, i.e., by repeating three times your brain processes and, thus, integrates better how the English language works.

As a conclusion, DEL Method seems to prove to be one of the right methods when learning English as a second language, shedding some light on its process”.

Patricia Acevedo. Doctorate of Library and Information Science

“The Definite English Learning Method is a new method of learning and teaching English as a second language. It is a new way of improving useful skills in today’s world. Speaking and pronunciation are as important as grammar so with this way of teaching, people learn effectively.

This method has been studied and developed by an expert in methodology and neuroscience researcher. Repetition is how people learn new skills for other topics, so why cannot this method be practiced in English? Learning English in this way is an opportunity that even schools should do”.

Elena Sanchez. Energy Engineer

“The Definite English learning method is a mix of skills that will help you learn a second language. According to the studies, the best way to teach and learn a new language is with the repetition method. These studies are based on your brain's ability to learn more quickly by repeating what you are hearing. This type of methodology will make your speaking level increase and it will also improve your pronunciation. Basically, this type of learning will help you develop your skills way quicker and in a more useful way for your brain”.

Aurora Soriano. Art History Expert

“The DEL method is great because it covers all the basics of grammar. From my experience, the students that have learnt English using the DEL method speak English with a high level of accuracy, as well as fluency. As the method contains a workbook and textbook, the concepts taught are reinforced for the students through both learning and practice.

Overall, the DEL method offers a plethora of advantages for students. For me, it is especially beneficial for students learning English for the first time, due to the structure and layout. It is clear to see that you are progressing as you move through each unit and level. Thus, filling the students with confidence. Furthermore, the DEL method covers a wide variety of topics allowing students to obtain a vast vocabulary. The exercises within the method are varied, including speaking, listening, reading, and writing activities. It is a great method to accurately learn and understand the English language.”

Sophie Wildbore. English Teacher

There are many advantages to the DEL method. First, each level is laid out in an organized manner, with lots of different activities to practice grammar, listening, reading, speaking, and writing. This makes it easy for students to use not only in class, but also at home, which facilitates learning as students can conveniently review activities on their own.

Another advantage is that each chapter is on a specific theme allowing students to learn through context. Learning through context is a valuable tool for vocabulary memorization. Not only that but the reading activities involve real life ideas and current events, which makes students’ learning relevant to the world today. Students will learn English quickly and efficiently with the DEL method.  

Alexandra Bietry. English Teacher